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Miss Iowa 2018, Mikhayla Hughes Shaw


My year with QCP was challenging, yet so necessary to maintaining my physical (and mental) health in a very demanding job. Working out became fun, and a true way to relieve stress. I learned how to eat what I wanted, in moderation - how to eat well on the go - how to take care of my body after intense workouts - and, how to flip a tire into next week! I feel more prepared to turn healthy living into just that - a lifestyle - because of QCP’s guidance and support (not to mention, patience).



When I started working with QCP I had very high blood pressure, poor balance and wanted to put on muscle. QCP spent time to get to know me, my strengths and weaknesses so they could safely push me towards my goals. They are well organized and always had my programs planned out. They used a variety of exercises to keep the work outs from becoming stagnant. QCP always pays particular attention to making sure I use proper technique. They spent time educating me on what foods are right for ME to gain muscle and lose fat.  

Over the last few months I have noticed a large increase in strength and balance. I've put on a lot of muscle and lost a lot of fat. I am currently in the process of getting off my blood pressure medication!

If you want results and/ or haven't exercised in years definitely hire QCP!




I’ve always been fit and generally healthy most of my life, but I found myself with little to no self-esteem when I was six months postpartum. I knew my body was going to change with pregnancy, but I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help make me skinny again! It did not. Instead I was exhausted, I was not healthy, and I was uncomfortable in my clothing. I no longer recognized myself. I decided it was time to get in control and do something about it. I started my regular workouts and preparing meals. But I wasn’t consistent.

I knew consistency was key and I knew exactly where I needed to turn. I had previously been introduced to the QCP team in the months before my wedding. At the time I was working 12 hour night shifts and finding it difficult to breakdown the work, eat, sleep, and train cycle. After the first measurement, they set me up with specifics for training, nutritional goals, and simplified the guess work for each meal. We set goals each meeting to reach and I felt so confident on the day of my wedding.

Returning to QCP following my pregnancy was exactly what I needed. After each measurement, we would tweak my training and nutritional goals. Our meetings and goals kept me accountable between each meeting. The process was slow at the beginning. I saw the measurements change for the good, the not so good, and plateau. Each time I was surprised with how the measurements changed by how committed I had been during those weeks. After each meeting I left feeling a little bit more in control and a little like myself again. After 7 consistent months I was sleeping better, I felt great, and I was confident to wear a swimsuit on vacation. The QCP team was dedicated to seeing me succeed in this lifestyle change and supported me with encouragement each meeting.



I have always gone up and down with my weight since I was a girl and tried every fad diet out there. I had never learned the importance of food, what to eat, how much to eat etc, therefore I could never teach my own child the importance of it. So when I saw what the QCP trainers did for my daughter, who has been training the past year, I couldn’t help but want to be a part of it!

The first day I went in for my consultation, it was with tears in my eyes and a lot of insecurities that I’ve had my whole life, but  with the help and support of these amazing trainers, I am now aware of the importance of exercise, how much and what to eat, and how much uninterrupted sleep is needed to help me reach my goal, and I now have enough energy to get me through my day, which I did not have before.

At 47 years old I am definitely the healthiest and happiest I have ever been!

The support system is amazing here & I look forward to my 4 days a week trainings! Everyone here wants you to be a better YOU, and now I am!

Miss Iowa's OT 2017, Julia Campbell


Before starting with QCP, I would have considered myself an extremely active person and someone with relatively healthy eating habits. As a three sport athlete during the school year and a lifeguard at the local aquatic center during the summer, I am moving around a lot. My weight room knowledge and experience was limited to mandatory sport related lifting and the only time I watched what I ate closely was when I was preparing for a cross country or track meet.

Since working with QCP, my knowledge of the benefits of lifting weights,  combined with cardio and a healthy diet has skyrocketed. Feeling great about the way I looked, directly correlated with the way I felt mentally and physically. Having QCP to push me to do “just one more” rep and guide me in my process was just one of many things I loved about their sponsorship. Their passion to motivate me towards reaching my goals is something they do so well and their training plan worked perfectly for me as well as many other clients.

Aside from preparation for on-stage fitness competition, strength training over the summer was a phenomenal way to start off my junior year Cross Country season. Eventually setting a personal best by nearly two minutes from last season when I wasn’t weight training. I have a new boost in confidence having experienced a transformation for myself as opposed to just hearing other’s success stories. Thank you to everyone at Quad City Performance for giving me such a fun, worthwhile and exciting experience working with you! I am so appreciative to have had this opportunity to focus on a maintainable, healthy lifestyle with all of your help.




What Started out as a challenge has turned into so much more. Having gone through the vicious cycle of losing and gaining numerous times in the past I was surprised how different things were this time around. It’s not just about the numbers on the scale.

It’s about making the commitment and following through. The QCP trainers have created a plan tailored to my needs. I’ve learned that weight training, cardio, nutrition, supplements, sleep, and water are all pieces of the puzzle. It’s the expertise of the QCP team that helps you put it all together that makes it work.

As they share their knowledge I continue to make progress toward my goals. Knowledge is power! It’s all up to you and what you choose to do with it that make the real difference.




For several years I worked out with DVDs or walked 3 miles at lunch 5 days a week and saw very little, if any change in my weight or muscle mass. My boss and his wife had joined QCP and encouraged myself and a co-worker to try it out. So, in November 2011 we joined for the 30 day trial to see what we thought. Decebmer of 2011 we started boot camp 2 days a week with the QCP. Thirteen months later I’m still doing boot along with 1 day a week solo sessions with QCP. It’s not always easy, but it’s been worth it! Although I haven’t reached my personal goals I know I will! During the past year I had to have surgery for a torn bicep tendon. With the help of my trainers I only missed 1 full week of boot camps and solo sessions. They modified my wokrouts so I could continue on my journey to achieving my goals. Nothing is impossible if you believe in yourself and have the desire to improve yourself. I’m 54 years old and look/feel better than I everhave! Thank you QCP, I couldn’t have done any of this without you!



Quad City Performance was my personal trainer for a period of 2 years. We met two times per week and they provided me a stimulating workout. QCP is truly professional and worked to meet my personal goals. They listened to what I wanted and worked hard to accomplish it.

QCP was able to call upon their vast knowledge of cardio and weight training to change my routines so I never tired of any program. They were very versatile in their approach to help me have to think while I was working out. Mental challenges are as important as physical!

QCP was a great resource for nutrition advice. They were able to provide imformation that helped with meal planning and weight control.

I would highly recommned QCP if you are looking for a caring, educated and dynamic trainer.



When I first joined the gym I started working out on my own.  It was not fun or enjoyable and I found myself going through the same routine. I felt I was just messing around.I was tired of what I saw in the mirror as well.  Not getting what I came to do.

Finally I took my first step and decided to sign up with QCP.  My first thought when I started my first session with QCP was…THIS SUCKS!!  However, the training I received helped change things faster.  QCP helped me put into priority the things I needed to change, not only my nutrition, but the things in my everyday routine that were holding me back.

Now when I look in the mirror I enjoy what I see.  It did not take that long, although I got impatient at times.  When I was in high school I weigh 200 and was a size 32 pant.  I have not worn that since, until now!  Now I weigh 249 and wear a size 32 pant, that’s crazy!!

I am in the best shape I have ever been, and it’s all because of QCP!



At the end of the 2008 school year I had just come out of a stressful semester full of eating my feelings and consoling myself with food. When I returned home for the summer I had little self-confidence, felt completely uncomfortable in my skin and felt as if there were no hope for me to lose all the weight I had put on. Having been on and off diets since I was 14, I decided to turn to my parent’s health club for some help. The QCP coaches became my trainers, life coaches, sounding boards, and friends as they kicked my butt into shape every other Monday. Their workouts were comprehensive, challenging, and never dull. At the end of the summer and going into the fall semester QCP had helped me lose weight and gain noticeable muscle strength, find my sense of self, and super-charged my drive to keep working out and stay on top of my goals.



When I first started training I wasn't considered overweight, but I knew I wasn't healthy either. I had very poor eating habits and no interest in strength training. Over time the consequences slowly started to trickle in. The weight started to stick around, and my clothes began to feel snug. I started to lose confidence in myself and my appearance. I knew if
I didn't make some positive changes now I'd regret it later in life.

Hiring QCP was one of the best decisions I've made on my journey to physical fitness. My two biggest struggles were with nutrition and lack of knowledge in the gym. QCP helped me realize I needed to take the emotions out of food and start thinking of it as fuel for my body instead. They tailored supplements and a strength training regimen that were unique to me and my goals. Through their training
I gained the knowledge and confidence I needed to see results. I've learned if you show up, do the work and hold yourself accountable outside of the gym you will see amazing results. I couldn't be happier with mine! The lessons you learn between the 'before' and 'after' truly are life changing!




My wife, Shelly, had begun her get fit journey about a year prior to me and was still hard at it. She eventually decided to join QCP after seeing her sister, Denise, have success with QCP’s guidance. Since then my wife has lost almost 75 lbs. to date.

In December of 2013, I had finally gotten fed up with being sick and tired of being fat and tired. I had reached the point of weighing almost 300lbs. I decided to begin working out for about 4 weeks without any guidance, having some success but nothing spectacular. I soon followed suit and began seeing QCP for bi-monthly Biosignatures.

My beginning body fat percentage was 32.1%. The hardest thing to “digest” initially was QCP telling me that I needed to eat more and work out less. This was definitely a struggle for me. But as time marches on I have become more willing to listen to QCP’s guidance and that’s when my success took off.

With QCP’s guidance I am well on my way to having a 6-pack and some guns to boot! I am currently down to 11.2% body fat and weighing 50 pounds less than when I first started. My ultimate goal is to get to 10% body fat!

With the support of my wife, Shelly, and guidance from the QCP, I am confident that we can make it happen!




My health has always been something I’ve pursued. I remember taking on my first “diet” at 14 years old. I’ve always struggled with my weight and I’ve always tried to do something about it, but nothing ever worked. By the time I became a member at the gym, I had made my peace with always being heavy, but remained committed to staying active. “It is what it is” became my mentality. Brian and Rita (Quad City Performance) were so welcoming as I began working out. Our engagements began with quick lessons on how to safely use the equipment. I was eager to learn more. I began training with Brian and Rita. I loved the individual sessions.

I loved the group sessions. I felt strong. The gym became this positive outlet, it became my second home. Brian and Rita really rally around you as a client. With their help, I had become versed in healthy foods and “fun foods”. I understood the importance of consistency with my eating habits (no diets anymore), and my workouts were really tailored for me. They truly take a scientific approach, which is great
because it is always relevant to your life. If it’s not working, change it. If it needs adjusting, adjust it. You are not treated like you are the same as any other person they help. I finally felt like my health was being looked at from the press box. Stress, sleep, pain, food, mental health, fun, balance, goals, family, work…it all became relevant in my individual plan with Brian and Rita.
And so, for the first time, I had hope. I wasn’t afraid to ask questions. I wasn’t afraid to fail. I wasn’t afraid to ask for what I needed. No matter the need, they found a way to make my plan manageable for my life. 135 pounds later, I have a grateful heart for all that Brian and Rita did to assist me in this journey. I’m still a Quad City Performance client and don’t plan on stopping in the near future. I never thought the weight loss would happen for me, but I’m even more grateful for the resource I have found in Brian and
Rita. They have fostered a community of positivity. It’s filled with healthy recipes, individualized health plans, and lots of support. Thank you Quad City Performance for the hope you have given me through this journey. I am so grateful for the body, mind, and spirit I have today and look forward to
accomplishing even more together in the future.


Mike Knickrehm.jpeg

Memorial Day weekend 2014 I couldn't walk without pain.  Each step was a grinding reminder to change my lifestyle & improve my health.  FINALLY I did it.  I simply loaded the my fitness pal ap & started logging my food.  I lost a few pounds, but with so far to go, I knew I needed professional help.  So I made the call to QCP & committed to a six month plan.  My first goal was to walk a step without pain.  After two months I took my first painless step and never looked back. Nine months later I've lost 70 pounds in total & my health is greatly improved. Last weekend I turned 60 and celebrated by squatting 200 pounds and deadlifting 350 pounds.  Although I'm only half way to my goal, I know I'll meet it within a year.

Here's a couple tips.

I do exactly what my coaches ask me to do.
I perform each exercise as best I can.  I know it's not easy.
I deviate from my routine, but always get back on track.
I set a schedule.  I established routines that are hard to break.
I think positive.

Miss Iowa 2017, Chelsea Dubczack


I have nothing, but accolades to give for Quad City Performance. Each trainer has his/her own style, but together, they create a phenomenal, expert team that forges tremendous results.

I have the pleasure of working with QCP in partnership with the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program. They are my official Lifestyle and Fitness sponsors, and I am incredibly grateful to have such an amazing group of trainers on my team. Not only did they help me reach my lowest bodyfat percentage/leanest physique ever just in time to walk the Miss America stage, but they truly became my emotional support system throughout the process. Quad City Performance cares just as much about your total well-being (mentally & emotionally) as they do your physical health.

Even as a Certified Personal Trainer and working fitness professional myself, I have learned an incredible wealth of knowledge through my time training with QCP.  They listened intently to my goals, likes and dislikes, then created a program customized to meet my wants AND my needs. This dynamic team is a gift to the Quad Cities. Trust them with your wellness journey and you will not be disappointed.




Before I checked into QCP, I  had checked out of multiple diet regimens. I was notorious for the quick-fix fad diets that I  would stick to for 3 months and quit. I  have always struggled with my weight and now weighed the heaviest that I ever have. I  was at a breaking point of needing to get back in shape so I could enjoy a long, healthy life. QCP taught me that this meant making lifestyle changes, not being on a diet. I'm learning how my body should function and what I need to do to get it to perform to it's fullest capability, whether it's through exercise, food or vitamins. The program is created specifically for your body and you're able to schedule your workouts to fit your schedule, so no excuses. Change is not easy and the daily struggles continue to challenge me, but seeing the results is what makes it attainable. The QCP trainers are phenomenal in educating, training and supporting you which makes reaching your goals a group effort. Thank you QCP for making this journey a life changing experience.



QCP has mentored me in the most powerful way. I thought I knew what to do to improve my overall wellbeing, but fell short. All the coaches pushed me and inspired me to push myself! The lessons and guidance with nutrition have been a life changing move. I have lost weight, but more than that I have improved my strength decreased pain!

Thanks to the performance team!



For my not knowing what to expect when joining Snap Fitness and the experiences I've had for a year and a half, I could not have made a wiser choice.

The trainers have integrity, patience and  the knowledge to answer all the questions I have had for them and will go the extra mile to find the answer.

Weight training and the right food together do make for a healthy body and mind, and does it feel great!  I am a challenge when it comes to eating I know, however I feel so much better with what I do, imagine if I followed the program 24/7.

Quad City Performance makes sense. Thank you for that.



I have been working with the Quad City Performance trainers since the middle of 2014, with just 2 months on my own over the holidays.  As my husband, doctor, neurologist, chiropractor and massage therapist all say, "Keep doing whatever you're doing, you're doing amazingly well."  They can all tell that, in spite of several neurological and physical challenges, including MS (that shouldn't get better), I am getting stronger, have much better balance and more endurance.  All of the trainers are very good at giving me workouts that make my muscles and nerves really wake up.  I wish I could get all better all at once, but this is a journey of one small step at a time.



I began working out at gym the summer before my senior year of high school. I was just getting interested in working out and thought I could improve my physique into something I could be more proud of. After working out for 2 months, just lifting and using the cardio equipment, I was happy with the results, but was hoping for more of a change than I was seeing. I decided to complete a health assessment with QCP. I took the nutrition and workout advice and changed what I was doing.

The task of cutting body fat and adding muscle was very difficult being in high school and having to juggle a lot of different things. QCP made it possible for me to get to where I wanted to be and within the time that I wanted. They helped me make a goal to compete in a Men’s Physique Competition in May of 2015. I was very unsure being only 18 at the time that I would do well compared to some of the older competitors, but the coaches were very motivating and confident in me that I would do great, and I did.

I’m now attending college. I continue to focus on adding muscle and “size” without allowing too much unwanted weight back on. I have learned a lot of helpful nutrition tips and guidelines that will help me in the future to retain or improve my current  physique. With the help of QCP, I am hoping to be able to do another competition in the future.




I had the privilege of training with Quad City Performance for a little over 2 years.  I did little exercise prior to meeting and training, in fact, I could not even make it through my first 30 minute session with her.  QCP was able to work me up from one 30 minute session per week to twice a week with one hour sessions.   It was a wonderful experience having QCP as my trainer.  Their encouragement and dedication assisted me in losing 45 pounds and becoming a healthier person.  I valued their expertise and was a very willing client.  Though, it was not easy most of the time, I welcomed that I was pushed out of my comfort zone.  I am still a work in process, but exercise is now a part of my lifestyle.  The QCP team are outstanding and dedicated trainers.

Miss Iowa 2017, Kelly Koch


Quad City Performance changed my life in so many ways. Not only did I find a true passion for working out and           preparing clean and delicious meals, I learned what exactly fits my body and life style best. It's one thing to go the gym and work out, but it's a whole other thing to be able train with people who truly care about your well being and the goals that you have for yourself.

My Miss America preparation was intense and stressful, but through it all, coming to the gym was my favorite part. QCP really taught me the proper way to work out while being in a fun environment that allowed me to push myself without feeling defeated in any way. I will take the lessons I learned in the gym and in the kitchen from Quad City Performance for the rest of my life.



After a vacation to Ocean City, Maryland in July, I realized I wanted to become a beach lifeguard. This job isn’t a typical lifeguard job though because the ocean is a treacherous creation. In order to become a beach lifeguard, I would have to pass a physical examination. This consisted of running 400 meters, swimming 500 meters and many more challenging tests all in a certain time. I knew as soon as I did my research I was not in shape for this.

That’s where Quad City Performance came in. With every set that made my muscles burn and every last rep I didn’t know I could finish, they made sure I did. I took the lifeguard test on March 12th and it was possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I swam, I ran, I swam with
a full grown man in my arms, I moved a 300 pound lifeguard stand and even escaped from deep water holds that nearly drowned me five times. The entire test was four hours long and the breaks we received were nowhere near long enough to catch our breaths.

Without the training I had received I know without a doubt, I would not have succeeded. Thanks to QCP, I not only gained pounds of muscle, I also learned the importance of healthy eating. Before I was a scrawny girl who hadn’t eaten enough protein all her life to a healthy, sculpted, fit beach lifeguard.

Miss Iowa 2019, Emily Tinsman


QCP has been more than just a place to workout. They go above and beyond to help you create personalized goals, devise a plan that works for you and provide all clients with loads of support and encouragement, in order to help them reach their goals. This past summer, I competed at the Miss Iowa

competition. My goals were to start putting the right food into my body, drink more water, build up more muscle and definition, as well as being proud of my body and how it looks and makes me feel. All of those goals were reached and I went onto the Miss Iowa stage as confident as I could’ve been thanks to their help. Since Miss Iowa, I’ve thought a lot how to maintain those goals and find a healthy balance of exercise and food intake. QCP has been a wonderful  addition to my life, in not only my health and fitness  journey.

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